Case Study: Baby-Strollers as a Service

Designing the Sustainable Design Experience for Bugaboo

Bugaboo Baby-Strollers

Defining the Experience

Let’s start with the idea of a baby stroller. Yes, they are designed to maximize the well-being and comfort of infants. For parents, however, they are not ideal for several reasons.

Pain Points

Asking the ‘What if’s’

Flying Solutions

What if parents didn’t need to carry heavy equipment for long-distance travel? By proposing this question, we came up with “Flying solutions”, a service for parents traveling with their infants.

Pop-up Solutions

For the day-to-day needs of the parents, we developed “Pop-up solutions”. Here we further explored the mid to longer-term needs of the parent. Strollers aren’t bought but rented based on the growing needs of the child.

Parting thoughts

Sustainability entails addressing the social, economic, and environmental elements of a product. By shifting towards a service-oriented model, Bugaboo and other product retailers can expand their business and solve real needs.



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